Las Vegas Shooting: Still No Motive Known; No ISIS Connection, Police Say

Kelvin Reese
October 9, 2017

CBS news channel reported on Thursday that Paddock and Danley bought a Hyundai Tucson from a dealership in Reno, Nevada, on August 1. Paddock had lived in the home with his girlfriend, Marilou Danley.

Paddock did not leave a suicide note and cameras found in the room that he was shooting from were reportedly not running at the time of his attack.

The shooter in the Las Vegas deadly massacre apparently planned to survive and escape in the moments after the massacre, but investigators did not specifically say how he meant to do that.

A note found in the suite of a high-rise hotel Paddock stayed in featured handwritten calculations on how to maximize the accuracy of his fire to kill as many people as he possibly could.

The police have said she is not a suspect.

While investigators do not believe Paddock conspired with an accomplice, they are looking into the possibility that others knew about his plot beforehand, Clark County Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said Friday. Today (October 5), TMZ is reporting that the 64-year-old gunman may have also had sinister motives for Lollapalooza earlier this year.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told reporters Wednesday that he didn't know what Stephen Paddock was planning with the explosives, if anything.

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Stephen Paddock, the man behind the mass shooting that left more than 50 people dead and almost 500 hurt in Las Vegas, may have planned event attacks in Chicago and Boston, according to media reports Thursday.

The website reported that Paddock never showed up for his reservation.

Investigators believe Paddock may have been suffering some form of "physical or mental anguish".

Paddock booked two rooms in the Blackstone hotel for 7/23-8/01 and for 7/27-8/03, all dates that corresponded with Lollapalooza.

Lombardo, who previously said Paddock probably carried out "a solo act", expressed new thoughts about possible aid the shooter had. "You've got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point".

Police are now imploring the public to share any knowledge they may have on Paddock.

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