A quick guide on the controversy surrounding Catalonia's bid for independence

Casey Dawson
October 6, 2017

The Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's government responded by calling on Catalonia to "return to the path of law" before any negotiations.

Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido also accused the Catalan separatists of fomenting "rebellion", which in Spain can be punished with 15 to 25 years in prison.

"Political risk is back on the agenda in Europe", NFS Macro analyst Nick Stamenkovic told AFP.

Earlier on Tuesday night, Spain's King Felipe VI made an emergency speech where he took an uncompromising line, accusing the Catalan government of flouting the law and seeking to "break the unity of Spain".

"Everything that is Spain is in danger, including its institutional make-up, and the key to the Spanish institutional make-up is the king", said Romero, who is finishing a book on the king, in power since 2014.

But she said the parliament had taken no decision yet on whether Monday's session would go ahead.

Puigdemont has not explained the scope of his proposal for global mediation, whether it would envisage a compromise short of independence or deal only with divorce arrangements.

Accusing them of "disloyalty" and being "completely on the margins of law and democracy", the king said the state had to "ensure constitutional order". "He is deliberately ignoring millions of Catalans".

Judges "ordered the suspension of the plenary that has been called for Monday in the [Catalan] parliament" while it hears an appeal lodged against it, a spokeswoman said, as the court confirmed the ruling in a written statement.

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Spain's bailout fund had an advisor that was looking at different windows of opportunity, he said. He attacked Rajoy for what he labeled as disastrous policies and said repeatedly that the king had missed an opportunity and disappointed Catalans.

Scores were injured on Sunday as police moved in en masse, beating voters and protesters as they lay on the ground and dragging some by the hair.

Speaking in an emergency debate in the European Parliament, he defended Madrid's right to "the proportionate use of force" to keep the peace.

The move could be completed in the matter of hours, with no need to call a shareholders' meeting, and would not have any practical effects for customers, company sources said.

The pro-independence Catalan National Assembly (ANC), which has organized protests of hundreds of thousands of secessionists in the past, interprets Puigdemont's push for mediation as essentially a call for European Union recognition of a new Catalan state.

He is ready to "suspend everything" if Madrid shows a willingness to negotiate over holding a referendum - legal this time around.

The border between Catalonia and the neighbouring region of Valencia cuts right through the community whose 500 residents fear the conflict between Catalan and Madrid authorities will literally split the town in two.

The regional leader opened the door to a unilateral declaration of independence from Spain on Sunday after voters defied a violent police crackdown and, according to regional officials, voted 90 percent in favor of breaking away. But polls indicate Catalans are split.

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