Alexa-Powered Smart Glasses in the Works

Steve Phelps
September 23, 2017

Reports state Amazon's first wearable device will be a pair of "screenless" smart glasses, integrated with Alexa functionality.

The Financial Times reports Amazon is now working on two new products powered by Alexa - the company's virtual assistant.

It's not the only new cord-cutting product the company has today, mind.

The leaks paint a picture of a company doubling down on its biggest tech success since the launch of the Kindle. To ensure it can be worn comfortably, and to avoid drawing attention in public, the device will resemble a typical pair of glasses; they would also feature a bone conduction audio system, allowing the wearer to hear Alexa without inserting headphones.

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CIRP also estimates 15 million Amazon Echo units sold across the USA, which is up from 10.7 million in March and 5.1 million this past November, according to data from CIRP. Apple also has its own smart home speaker, the HomePod, which sells for $349 starting in December.

"Owners listen to music most on both Echo and Home, at least once a day or more often", said Mike Levin, CIRPs co-founder. After the VAUX, a clever battery-powered speaker dock for the Amazon Echo Dot comes LOFT, a way to turn Google Home into a portable assistant.

The Echo was launched in the USA in November 2014, and was slowly rolled out to the United Kingdom and Germany over the next two years. Not anymore. Snap off your Google Home base and add the metallic LOFT instead and voila! you won't have to leave your Google Home behind as you move from room to room inside your house. It also has the added benefit of making Google's smart speaker look even more like a little Dalek.

But smartglasses are a product category that might still be a cure in search of a problem.

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