Venezuela's President calls Donald Trump the 'new Adolf Hitler'

Casey Dawson
September 20, 2017

"We are prepared to take further action if the government of Venezuela persists on its path to impose its authoritarian rule on the Venezuelan people", Mr. Trump said in his speech at United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.

"The socialist dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro has inflicted awful misery and suffering on the good people of that country", Trump said during his remarks prior to the dinner.

Further, we encourage all member states to look at ways to take bold stands at the United Nations with an eye toward changing business as usual and not being beholden to ways of the past which were not working.

"What we all want is for Venezuela to become a democracy again and we are exerting all possible pressure to make it happen again", he added.

During his first speech at the UN, Trump accused those countries of having governments that are 'dangerous to world peace and attack their own people'.

"I urge every country here to prepare to do more to address this incredible and serious crisis".

Trump could complain about a 20 percent tariff Brazil recently slapped on imports of ethanol over and above 600,000 liters a year, most of which come from the United States.

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Venezuela, once a prosperous oil-producing country, has fallen into hunger and poverty due to the socialist policies of Nicolás Maduro, who continues to violently repress his political opponents and critics.

At the U.N., Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza also condemned Trump's remarks but he ignored questions at a news conference about the criticism Venezuela faced from other leaders at the U.N. gathering.

Differences over ethanol trade, open-skies aviation and illegal drug production, and even North Korea, could crop up during the discussion, but the top issue will be the Venezuelan crisis, Latin American and White House officials said.

Those same countries met last month in Lima where they denounced Venezuela's "democratic collapse".

In attendance during the talk were Brazilian President Michel Temer, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, President of Panama Juan Carlos Varela, and Vice President of Argentina Gabriela Michetti.

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans have fled the political turmoil as well as widespread shortages of food and medicine and triple-digit inflation.

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