Destiny 2 is worth playing for the guns alone

Leigh Mccormick
September 10, 2017

If there's one thing Bungie know, it's how to make videogame guns sing to the tune of bang bang, and Destiny 2's shooting feels incredible.

Destiny thrives on repetition, but in the original game, the list of activities you would repeat was painfully small. In the first Destiny, shaders were permanent accessories that you could equip to alter your entire character's appearance, but in Destiny 2 they're consumables. People thought they were just spending spare change until they add it all up and realize they spent too much.

Given that Destiny is a loot-focused game in which you're constantly getting new gear, this is a odd decision. Of course, such an argument doesn't erase the fact that the shaders are still a real-money carrot dangling in front of the player throughout the game.

Destiny 2 is out now, and among the elements that you can play beyond campaign and the Crucible is the first of the game's weekly Nightfall Strikes. Having played the original Destiny since the beginning, I had a ridiculous amount of shaders, some which players couldn't even acquire anymore, and that was really special.

Destiny 2 has been praised for fixing numerous problems that players had with Destiny 1 at launch, including repetitive missions and way too much grinding without decent reward, The Verge reports. The book covers everything there is to know and achieve in Destiny 2, with a foreword written by game director Luke Smith.

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That is, you pay Bungie for the mysterious contents of a box, and may or may not get what you want out of it. "The conversation about all the ways in which we play and are rewarded by the game will continue", Bungie said in a blog post today. In the first Destiny, you had to discover this flow for yourself, but in Destiny 2, Bungie hopes that the sheer variety of things to do at every level of commitment is exceedingly clear from the start.

This 192-page journal created by high-end publisher Insight Editions features exclusive images and concept art from Destiny 2. While players have more customization options now, there is a catch. It means not being able to pull out a shader that maybe not everyone has, to do the long-seated tradition of bragging rights in MMOs, and while Destiny 2 isn't a typical MMO, it's following the rules enough to know what it's doing. But then, I guess they're not playing CS:GO.

Will Destiny 2 out-perform its predecessor?

Depending on your video game experience, you may or may not recognize "shader" as the term used to describe cosmetic items that overwrite the colors of items, although sometimes they're called "dyes" instead. This boost in performance would've taken its already satisfying gameplay to the next level.

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