'Be Afraid of the Dark' Episode of AHS: CULT

Kelvin Reese
September 7, 2017

Creators of the popular FX show American Horror Story are injecting a heavy doss of current-day politics into their latest season, as the cable news show attempts to tackle polarized, post-election America.

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

The season premiere of American Horror Story: Cult centers on Ally (Sarah Paulson), a troubled MI woman who is overcome with anxiety after the 2016 presidential election doesn't turn out quite the way she was hoping. At the beginning of the show, viewers learn that Winter has spent the previous year working tirelessly on the campaign trail to earn Hillary Clinton votes.

It could easily be a throw-away line, but then again, consider how big of a role Twisty the Clown has played in the season already. However, the bullets have no effect and Twisty slits his throat and eventually murders the female.

Ally is scared because she's now anxious that her fear of clowns is affecting her son. The group attacks him, which appears to be according to Kai's plan; an anonymous bystander records the beatdown on a cell phone nearby.

I've been on the AHS train since the first season.

Ally lives with trypophobia, the disgust (and in her case fear) of small, closely connected holes.

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That's right - the grocery store checkout guy and avid Trump supporter, Gary Longstreet, is played by none other than transgender actor and LGBTQ+ advocate Chaz Bono; now that's some fun irony. The supermarket is empty as Ally pushes her cart around the aisles. Are the murderous clowns Ally sees carrying on his legacy? All she could do is scream.

Even if you don't count the one now sitting in the White House (ba-dum TSSSSS!), the season premiere of American Horror Story: Cult was a veritable smorgasbord of horror clowns. Granted, the 2016 election is where her hysteria started, but the clown comic book was the accelerant. She hits the gas and crashes quickly, causing the airbag to deploy.

"For Evan, it's been a real and great challenge to work on the physicality of: how am I going to be Charles Manson, and how am I going to be [Marshall Applewhite]", said Murphy.

Kai's sister Winter gets interviewed by Ally and Ivy for a nanny position with their son.

The opening scene of "Election Night" garnered chills, with real footage of Trump and Hillary Clinton declaring "I am running for president of the United States!"

Later on, Kai shows up where several hispanic men are hanging out. Terrified that something terrible has happened to their son, they're in a frenzy but eventually find him and Winter. Meanwhile, the incident is being recorded. "It's really pushed him, I think, to the limit". And yes, the house still has the balcony above the front door, which serial killer Michael Myers flew off of after being shot by Dr. Loomis at the end of the movie. Ally is soon startled by the image of a clown and she frantically searches all over the restaurant for the clown she believes she saw. "Ivy, hey", she says. "She's losing by 10,000 votes", he vents. Did Oz imagine he witnessed the crime or could Winter be covering up for someone? Winter tells Ally and Ivy that she and Oz never really went over to investigate anything and that there were no clowns. It really seems like Winter's hoping to win the title of worst babysitter ever.

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