Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do' Breaks Multiple Records

Kelvin Reese
August 31, 2017

Revenge is sweet - well it is when you're Taylor Swift, at least, but some fans think she's gone too far in her latest music video.

Well, did you know that in said music video, she takes a rather uncomfortable-looking but unquestionably lavish bath in a tub filled with what Page Six is reporting to be $10 million-worth of diamonds? We're told an "insane" amount of security was involved. I mean, that's a lot of diamonds.

Premiering at the MTV Video Music Awards, the dark electro-pop track begins with the singer crawling out of a grave with a tombstone reading "Here lies Taylor Swift's reputation".

Sleuths who believe this theory point to the incorporation of a bathtub, where Kim was bound, and the insane number of diamonds, which could be a nod to Kardashian's Instagram postsleading up to the horrific event. The source added, "Taylor's stylist.literally cleaned out the store.That tub contains multi-million dollar pieces".

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Many fans aren't buying this conspiracy, though, saying that Taylor's imagery could have meanings that have nothing to do with Kim. Swift wears a second snake ring on her right hand and features other snake references throughout the video.

The rap star argued Beyonce was more deserving of the prize and although they subsequently buried their differences, Kanye reignited the rivalry when he made reference to Taylor in his song "Famous".

Though the music video is accredited with groundbreaking views, it has some way to go before it breaks the all-time YouTube music video held by Latin singer Luis Fonsi's 2017 global hit "Despacito", - it surpassed the 3 billion mark in early August, according to Reuters.

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