'Game of Thrones': Is Bran Secretly the Night King?

Kelvin Reese
August 27, 2017

With a significant addition to his army, fans have started to wonder how he's able to control the undead in the first place. While Jon and crew are pleased and thinking they have the wight they went out to capture, it's his scream that signals the rest of the White Walkers to attack.

The series has had many villains during its seven season run - but none have been as terrifying as the Night King. Faithful fans will be reminded that this interaction is similar to what we saw in Season 4's "Oathkeeper", when one of Craster's children was taken to the Lands of Always Winter.

If Viserion breathes ice and not fire, the Night King might use him to fly over the Wall without ever having to touch it, an option the Wall's builders never could have envisioned.

White Walkers are invading Facebook. However, it's important to note that Craster's children were turned into White Walkers - not "wights". The Season 7 finale will feature a meeting of the warring forces of Westeros, houses Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen, in order to discuss how to deal with the threat of a White Walker invasion, as shown in a teaser for the episode. Would it also kill the other White Walkers, too?

Wights, on the other hand, are your standard zombie-style minions. It took millennia, but they used that time to rebuild, emerging as the largest army in the world (according to Jon, after Hardhome).

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This contact left a physical imprint on Bran's body, despite the fact he was mentally moving through time and space, and it allowed the White Walkers to locate and destroy the three-eyed raven. And what does it mean for the end of Game of Thrones? But even if it is possible, there's no guarantee any man alive is powerful enough to kill the Night King. From that point forward, the Night King had the ability to create White Walkers from human babies (remember Craster's baby?) and wights from human corpses-he could do the latter just by raising his arms.

As we see in the season six episode "The Door," the Night King has a very strong connection to Bran Stark. In addition to being able to warg into humans (not something most, if any, wargs can do), Bran also has greensight, prophetic dreams, and visions. So, with Bran being capable of both, he really is one in a million.

One piece of evidence for this theory says that when the first White Walker was created by the Children he gripped the tree the exact same way Bran gripped the roots beneath the ground while watching, because Bran was experiencing it in the moment because he was that man.

We hope you didn't think you'd get through this post without reading complicated fan theories.

Sounds legit, right? Now, while that's a strong theory and definitely fills in some implausible gaps in the narrative, it still doesn't offer solid proof of the Night King's sinister plan.

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