Katy Perry Finally Abandons "Swish Swish"

Kelvin Reese
August 26, 2017

Katy Perry has shared her humorous music video for the Nicki Minaj and Duke Dumont-assisted single "Swish Swish". I'm sure there's some kind of plot you're supposed to pick up on here, but I'm struggling to find it.

Perry's latest album release hasn't panned out like she'd hoped it would.

At first Katy Perry's team is awful. Celebrities like Terry Crews, Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo, Molly Shannon, and THE frickin' Mountain from Game of Thrones (Thor Björnsson) are all in the video.

The video also sees Nicki Minaj put on a half-time performance. Fans of West and Kardashian then spammed Swift's Instagram and Twitter with snake emojis, you know, cause you can't fucking trust her.

While Perry herself describes the song as an "anti-bullying anthem", the basketball-themed video has already drawn strong comparisons to Swift's popular Bad Blood video, with some believing it is a "diss track" response by Perry. Let's not forget that time she bleached her hair and everyone freaked out because it just did not go with her acoustic guitar playing, horseback riding, rich prep personality at all.

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Katy calls the target of the song "calculating", and promises karma will come back around for the unnamed enemy - now confirmed to be Taylor.

Like all great pop music videos, "Swish Swish" leaves you exhausted, annoyed, confused, and a good seven years older than you were six minutes ago. The video may be subtle, but the similarity between "Swish" and "Swift" are clear.

The fall out seemed permanent at the time, but Katy Perry revealed just this week that the two made up when making their new song.

"Trust me you would have been more disappointed seeing the show than you are with me cancelling", he wrote.

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