Trump stares directly into the sun during solar eclipse, Twitter responds

Casey Dawson
August 22, 2017

"So it's very important not to look at the partial eclipse, not to look at the sun, without the proper viewing protection".

Apparently, President Donald Trump thought all these stories were #FakeNews.

In his brief time in the office, President Donald Trump has become America's No. 1 Internet punching bag and today was no different and that's because #45 made a decision to stare directly at the sun during today's historic solar eclipse while taking a look-see with Melania Trump and Barron Trump at the White House.

A couple of minutes later, Trump, with his glasses back on, turned his head upward and watched the eclipse for around a minute and a half as the eclipse reached its apex.

According to Wall Street Journal reporter Ted Mann, one of the president's aides yelled "Don't look", in an attempt to protect Trump's vision.

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A photo of Trump looking directly at the sun during the solar eclipse did not help matters. If they're damaged, the cells that make up your retinas can't heal.

President Trump looks at the sun without protective gear during the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.

But videos showed that Trump wasn't as cavalier as the still images made it seem: He looked up for a brief moment with his naked eyes beforehand in what appeared to be a joking manner before putting on his glasses. The family watched the eclipse from the Truman Balcony at the White House.

Solar glasses are a must for anyone who wants to view the eclipse. "Believe me.' - Trump on Eclipse 2017".

The moon blocked out the sun on Monday in the first total solar eclipse to pass over the mainland United States in 38 years.

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