Game of Thrones season seven finale promo is here

Kelvin Reese
August 22, 2017

This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season seven, episode six, "Beyond the Wall". It's possible that he had all these wights gathering to this location, not because they were going to break through the Wall, but because he knew about this battle and was planning for it. Or is the dragon now more similar to the White Walkers?

But is this new beast an ice dragon, or a wight dragon - and what's the difference? However, Daenerys is nowhere to be seen throughout the trailer, suggesting that she might have sent Jon to negotiate on her behalf.

If you (STILL) haven't seen the 6th episode of Game of Thrones season 7 and know nothing, you should stop reading now. In A Dance with Dragons, Jon remembers Old Nan telling him stories about ice dragons when he was a boy, while in A Clash of Kings, Osha references the "Ice Dragon" as a type of star alignment in the sky.

A HBO representative told Mashable: "We are not in communication with the hacker and we're not going to comment every time a new piece of information is released". All things that die beyond the Wall are the domain of the Night King.

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How will the Night King use the undead dragon?

"Whereas common dragons... breathe flame, ice dragons supposedly breathe cold, a chill so awful that it can freeze a man solid in half a heartbeat". Jon too touches base at Eastwatch, in the interim, Viserion is being pulled from the lake as the Night King ordered.

And just like that, as it had happened with Bran and Meera, Jon Snow is saved. Typically, such a rare weapon would be passed down to the successor of a House, but since Jorah was banished from Bear Island for selling poachers into slavery to get more money, his father refused to hand over Longclaw. And we have to see it.

Instead of the Night King, Jets fans will likely watch Josh McCown under the center for the team this year, in a season that many are expecting to not go well. I personally don't believe Tyrion is a secret Targeryen, but when he was alive, Tywin was forever going on about Tyrion not really being a Lannister. As built in the fan theories that there will be an ice dragon, we all saw it from our eyes. Stranger things have happened.

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