Google memo writer James Damore faces tough legal road challenging firing

Javier Stokes
August 11, 2017

On Monday, Google fired senior engineer James Damore after an internal memo he wrote went viral. Plus, Damore describes his motivations for writing a memo that triggered his departure from the search giant.

The town hall comes amid a report from The Guardian that as many as 60 women are considering filing a class action lawsuit against Google, alleging sexism and wage disparity. While some folks defend numerous views in the memo, at least one area of the manifesto triggered major backlash across the globe and caused his firing from Google.

In his now-infamous memo, Damore pointed to "personality differences" between men and women as one reason that fewer women serve as engineers at Google.

Another question asked how to combat Damore's assertion that Google has a lower bar for diversity candidates.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai explained Damore's firing in his own memo, claiming that Damore had pushed "harmful gender stereotypes", but Damore claims the company is vilifying him.

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Google's Mountain View headquarters, along with other US offices of the company, will be targeted in the August 19 event, Posobiec said. "This person is bad.' But they don't really want to have a debate on why I'm wrong, or even confront me, they just want to show how self-righteous they are", Damore said. The political pressure led Google to add diversity and workforce issues to their lobbying agendas in Washington, D.C. The program was in part sparked by poor happiness ratings among women and minorities at the company in annual surveys, one employee said.

One employee said he disagreed with Mr. Damore's memo, which he called "academic harassment", and supported his firing, noting "people have been fired for a lot less".

Google is now embroiled in controversy over claims of gender discrimination, after an "anti-diversity" letter went viral over the weekend.

A source told NBC News the town hall will begin at 4 p.m. PT. But she added she had heard from conservative employees who "haven't felt entirely comfortable revealing who they are. We need to be tolerant and inclusive".

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