St Kilda midfielder Koby Stevens reveals near-miss with Melbourne sea lice

Steve Phelps
August 8, 2017

The incident occurred near Melbourne on Saturday, when 16-year-old Sam Kanizay emerged from an evening dip in the ocean with his legs and feet covered in blood, the result of the considerable appetite of the flesh-eating tiny creatures.

In order to find out what exactly had bitten Sam, Jarrod went back to the beach.

Marine biologist Genefor Walker-Smith has also since studied the samples Mr Kanizay collected and identified them as lysianassid amphipods, a scavenging sea creature.

His father could not stop the heavy bleeding, which came from small holes on the lower part of his leg, and took his son to hospital.

Jarrod Kanizay, the teen's father, made a decision to take the investigation into his own hands, dropping a chunk of raw steak in water near the location of his son's attack.

The pair thought it was sea lice - marine parasites that feed on fish.

Some have suggested sea lice were to blame for the horrific attack.

"It sort of looked like hundreds of little pinholes or pin-sized bites distributed all over my ankle and the top of my foot", he said.

LOCALS have got back in the water at a Melbourne beach where a teen was left bleeding profusely from both legs, likely to have been caused by thousands of tiny bites from sea fleas.

But so far doctors had been at a loss to explain what had eaten through Sam's skin.

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The incident comes nearly a year after a massive outbreak of tiny "sea lice" at Florida beaches.

Sam is now in the hospital seeking treatment for his leg.

"There was a massive pool of blood on the floor [at the hospital].

He caught them with a piece of meat at Brighton after teen was attacked". "I'm not really sure what to think of it".

Sam's not too anxious about it, though, and isn't going to avoid the ocean.

These creatures were taken to the hospital for carrying out tests on them to detect the meat eating species.

He found masses of the microscopic features were feasting on the meat, just as they had his son's legs.

"They are very good at finding food", he said. In truly not-ok news, Jarrod said staff also conducted a biopsy "to make sure there are no critters living inside".

A video he took shows dozens of bugs in a tray of water devouring chunks of meat.

'Plenty of people go for a swim in there so it's probably just a one-off thing, ' he said.

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