Harper to host viewing party for upcoming solar eclipse

Steve Phelps
August 3, 2017

If you'd like to see the total eclipse, you'll need to travel 37 miles southwest.

A total solar eclipse is not terribly rare.

In Indianapolis, the moon will cover 91.5-percent of the sun at the peak of the eclipse.

It will begin over the Pacific Ocean at 8:46 a.m.

Later this month, the majority of Americans will be staring up at the sun as a solar eclipse darkens the sky.

Additionally, the OMNI Theater will be offering special discounted screenings of the film Solar Max in the OMNI Theater at 11:00am and 2:00pm on this day for only $5.00 per person.

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"These eclipse glasses are very dark-you can't see anything through them, except the Sun". We will be live streaming NASA's feed of the eclipse as it passes over the United States on our SMART board so you can watch the eclipse while shopping.

Southwestern Community College physics instructor Matt Cass will give an eclipse talk at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 9, at the Macon County Public Library in Franklin. Solar filters are necessary for the rest of the eclipse. Eclipse glasses are cheap and can be ordered through numerous online retailers.

The lucky ones who live or will visit the 70 mile wide path of total eclipse running from the Pacific Northwest southeastward across the continental United States to SC, will witness daytime turn into night as the moon blocks out the sun. And be careful of phony eclipse glasses that are flooding the market. The grid will show the sun as a crescent during the partial phases of the eclipse. Many places sell them. Although we have eclipses from time to time, this one is going to be pretty stellar, to say the least: Possibly the coolest solar event of your lifetime.

"This is where you want to be - somewhere along this line", said Dulsky. Viewers who end up with fake glasses could run the risk of getting a condition known as "eclipse blindness" or serious damage to the retina. "We will also have goggles and glasses specifically made to look at the sun".

According to Dulsky, the Association is looking into holding a viewing event on Eclipse Day at the Northampton Township Municipal Park on Hatboro Road.

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