'The Bachelorette' recap: The Men Tell All, and call out Lee

Kelvin Reese
August 2, 2017

If you recall, Rachel was anxious about Kenny missing his daughter, so she sent him home, even though they had a fairly strong relationship.

Reports indicate that Rachel's best friends Raven Gates, Astrid Loch, Danielle Lombard, Alexis Waters, Jasmine Goode and Sarah Vendal all planned to celebrate Rachel and her new beginnings with an all-girls trip to the Hard Rock Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic this weekend. Find out her response to his burning question!

It's hard to accept that Lee's apology is honest and that he wants to learn.

The show concludes with some solid bloopers, and I leave wishing they just aired the outtakes and saved the "love story" for the Men Tell All episode.

"What's the difference between the NAACP and the KKK?" The episode will also see Lindsay talking about her journey so far.

The episode ended on a positive note, with Lindsay teasing that she's ready to show the world whom she picked.

The audience cheered after DeMario told Lee, "I want to sit you down and give you f***ing history 101!"

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After DeMario accused Harrison and Bachelor producers of bringing his "sidechick" Lexi to the show just to stir up girlfriend drama, Harrison fought back, claiming that DeMario was changing his tune.

Lee apologizes to Rachel and says today has made him realize how great this group of guys really is. Maybe Lee thinks of himself as a conservative internet troll who exaggerates and says outrageous things because he likes that they make liberals angry, not because he totally believes them.

"She was torn until the very end", the source continued. It's a brutal watch that's mostly guilt with little pleasure and the only way I see fit to digest what went down in the episode is to rank five of these clowns from simply bad to all-out garbage monsters. I know you read them because I snark about how silly it all is, but I am sorry to disappoint this time - I refuse to joke about racism and I refuse to joke about a man who said and wrote some pretty hurtful things. The Bachelorette contestant had not seen his father in two years before their TV reunion, during which Khahsa barked during their emotional conversation, "You didn't feel love from your father? And I like that he was responsive to it", he added.

Lee: I did things that were wrong. "You had the opportunity to be about something so lovely and I'm not just talking about me". "But in case you didn't, please know that you can exit stage left and meet me backstage and I will be more than happy to give you a black history lesson, a lesson on women's rights". Get it together! I hold Chris Harrison personally responsible for this.

Unglert confirmed Monday he will have another opportunity to find love on the franchise, when Bachelor in Paradise season four debuts with a two-night premiere on August 14 and August 15.

And lest we forget, it's work that the black stars of the season, including Lindsay herself and black suitors like Battle, should never have had to do, and would not have had to do had ABC not cast Garrett.

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