Pokemon Go Fest Attendees Set To Sue Developer Niantic

Steve Phelps
July 31, 2017

A group of Pokemon Go players who attended Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago's Grant Park have filed a class-action suit against Niantic Labs, hoping to recoup travel expenses. Several complainants banded together and brought their complaints to a sympathetic Chicago attorney named Thomas Zimmerman.

The suit specifies that Niantic violated the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act by misleading its attendees, many of whom traveled from around the country.

Thus, many participants were never able to take advantage of the Pokemon and other exclusive bonuses during the event, giving rise to a shocking entry of Niantic CEO John Hanke and the rise of many songs "we cannot play "(we cannot play). The intentions behind holding this festival was for Niantic to provide attendees a legendary opportunity to capture legendary Pokemon in the first real-world Pokemon event.

The legendary birds have finally been unlocked in Pokémon GO, but not everything is going too well for Niantic right now. Eventually, players attending the event were promised a refund of their tickets, $ 100 in bonus in game and an Artikodin.

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"Niantic is not offering to refund people's travel expenses for coming to Chicago".

In an interview with Polygon, Zimmerman stated that there are over two dozen additional folks will be joining Norton in this legal battle.

Users who went to the Fest are demanding they are returned their Travel expenses. If the attendees would've known that the event was going to be that way. And it's not really that unusual considering how Niantic made "Promises that were not made", and the experience as a whole was bad for all of the attendees.

Niantic offered ticket refunds and $100 in United States dollars worth of in-game PokeCoins to those affected, but the class action lawsuit is focused on recouping travel expenses as well. Poor planning was Niantic's Achilles' Heel on launch, and it came back to get them again during the one-year anniversary.

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