Toyota Long-Range EV Set to Arrive in 2022

Steve Phelps
July 26, 2017

Toyota has only recently expressed interest in pure electrics, as opposed to plug-in hybrids, but a new report says the auto giant is planning to leapfrog early electric vehicle leaders by debuting an EV with all-solid-state batteries by 2022. Plus solid-state batteries use solid electrolytes than than liquid ones, which make them safer than lithium-ion batteries.

Toyota isn't saying yet where its batteries will end up, but any edge here is bound to be a big boon for automakers looking at a future that increasingly seems like it'll be dominated by EVs.

According to the Chunichi Shimbun daily, the new Toyota EV will be built on a new platform and have a driving range on par or better than its rivals. And a part of that.

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Although Toyota spokeswoman Kayo Doi said the company would not comment on specific product plans, she did say the company aims to commercialize all-solid-state batteries by the early 2020s. This gives it both a lower chance of overheating and a higher energy density, which should theoretically allow a vehicle to travel much greater distances before needing to be recharged. Progress with lithium-ion batteries has been painfully incremental with no single manufacturer able to deliver a significant breakthrough, even when it comes to mass manufacture.

Toyota is currently the largest auto manufacturer on the planet, but until now, it hasn't shown much interest in developing electric vehicles.

So despite the world thinking Toyota weren't interested in EVs, they were busy beavering away on the batter technology.

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